Gain Muscle Mass, Sprint Faster, Jump Higher, Grow Stronger... And DOMINATE On The Gridiron This Season!



Inside Gridiron Domination You Will Discover…

  • Why there’s so much conflicting advice on Strength & Speed training for football and how you can save money by learning to instantly recognize hidden marketing hype, false advertising, phony programs, equipment and B.S.
  • Why 95% of all football strength training programs fail… and the exact, detailed steps you must take for your team to be in the successful 5% (and stay there!)
  • A revolutionary new approach to weight training and speed programming that will break through any muscle building, strength or speed plateau – and why your current program my be making your athletes weaker and fatter!
  • Dozens of videos and descriptions of exercises and how to coach them effectively.
  • The #1 reason why most football coaches can not take control of their teams weight training programs and produce consistent results year after year.
  • New ‘Strong Man’ exercises that will skyrocket your team towards being the best conditioned team in the conference.
  • Learn the ONLY way prevent shoulder and neck injuries and it starts with this little known technique.
  • The truth about cardio and why it will make your team skinny and weak.
  • Avoid unnecessary injuries and surgeries with corrective stretches and exercises.
  • How to conquer every aspect of SPEED, including quickness, agility, explosiveness and most of all GAME SPEED!
  • Increase each and every combine test, this means adding inches to your broad and vertical, shedding time off your shuttle and 40, and of course adding rep after rep onto your bench.
  • An intriguing look at Olympic Weightlifting, Power lifting, Strongman Conditioning, Bodybuilding and Sports Specific Training and which one produces the best results.
  • This is just the tip of the iceberg. Our Gridiron Domination System is so much more than just a ‘football training program’- it’s a complete system for sure-fire success – possibly the most comprehensive training program ever developed! No hype, no B.S., no gimmicks – just the FACTS you need to know for your team to start winning championships – NOW!



Frequently Asked Questions?

Q: What is Gridiron Domination and how was it developed?

A: Gridiron Domination is a complete training system for football players and coaches off-season.  It was developed by Elliott Hulse and Chris Barnard, 2 former players and world renowned coaches.  It is designed to develop a complete balanced athlete by adding brutal power and blazing speed through no-nonsense workouts specifically for football players.

Q: What separates Gridiron Domination from other football programs?

A: We have developed this through years and years of trial and error and working with elite athletes.

Q: I don’t play football so how would it help me?

A: Let me ask you this what athlete doesn’t need speed and power?  Is that general?  How about explosiveness, the ability to jump, run, strike, throw, tackle etc… as an athlete these are essential to your game think of the best athletes in your sport… Do you consider them powerful, fast… Explosive?  I bet you say yes because it’s there in plain view. All we do is highlight the main movements and muscles that need to be worked and synchronize them intricately in a workout that fits the athlete perfectly

Q:  My son is 13 is he old enough to follow your program?

A: YES, studies have supported that weight lifting displays damage to the epiphyseal plates this is the myth that young kids have there growth stunted by lifting. I know plenty who have followed this from 11 and up… It’s more about form and safety.

Q: What happens if it doesn’t work for me?

A:  Check out our 60 day guarantee above.  But honestly, the only way that this program doesn’t work is if YOU don’t work.  Not everyone is cut out to work as hard as we expect with these workouts… if that happens to be you, then PLEASE return the program for a full refund.  We only work with 100% dedicated athletes willing to do whatever it takes to succeed

Q: What if I don’t have Strongman equipment; what kind of equipment do I need?

A: You DO NOT NEED strongman equipment to use this program…  we’ve made alternative lifts to make sure that you can keep busting ass the gym.  Also, this program can be doing with nothing more than a barbell and weight plates… it’s a “bare bones” routine, nothing fancy is needed.

If you are still not sure and have more questions for us, please contact us at elliotthelp (at) and we’ll get back to you ASAP!


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